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DCAC's Annual Open Exhibit!

July 18 - August 31
Installation: July 16 3-8pm, July 17 3-8pm, July 18 3-6pm
Opening Reception: July 18, 7-9pm
Deinstallation: September 3 - 7, 2-7pm

general rules/regulations:
-$100 will be awarded to the artist for best use of space.

-DCAC members receive one free space. Additional spaces are available for $10 (maximum 4)

-Become a DCAC member at the event and receive three free spaces for a total of 4!
(regular membership starts at $30)

-Each 2' x 2' space is $15 for non-members (maximum 4)

-Each artist can purchase up to 4 spaces.

-Art must be 2' x 2' or smaller. Spaces may not be combined to accommodate larger pieces
(larger pieces can be divided and placed in adjacent squares)

-All art must be wall mountable.

- No painting or writing directly onto the wall

-No adhesive materials can be used for hanging (i.e.- spraymount, adhesive velcro, 2-sided tape or wallpaper glue)


How long does 1460 Wall Mountables run?
from July 18 – August 31, 2008

How many spaces can I buy?
The limit is four spaces per artist.

Can I call in my space reservation?
No. You must reserve your spaces in person

What is the advantage of becoming a new member during 1460 Wall Mountables?
Becoming a new member during 1460 Wall Mountables gets you four free spaces. Membership lasts one year and benefits include: a 10% discount on your next five purchases at Utrecht art supply store, discounts on performances at DCAC, mailings for upcoming DCAC happenings, DCAC’s bi-monthly calendar of events, a link to your web site from ours, and a subscription to our weekly Listserv.

If I am a renewing member, do I get three free spaces?
No. You get one free member space and can buy up to three more at the discounted member price of $10 each.

How much is a full price square with no membership?

 How soon can I reserve a space?
Spaces must be reserved in person on the three days leading up to the opening, July 16 - 18. If you come in person to reserve a space you must bring the artwork to hang in your spaces within 24 hours of reserving the spaces.

Can I hang a larger than 2” x 2” piece if my squares adjoin each other?
No, all art pieces mustfit into the 2” x 2” squares. There can be multiple pieces within the one square. Art can be related over the span of multiple spaces, even cut up, but must not overlap the 2” x 2” string partitions.

When does 1460 Wall Mountables open?
July 18th . The opening reception will take place July 18th from 7pm – 9pm .

Why is it called “1460 Wall Mountables?”
Because, originally, there were 1,460 square feet of wall space for hanging. Now, there is less as we have made renovations since 1990, when DCAC had its first 1460 Wall Mountables exhibition. Nevertheless, we’ve kept the name.

 Can I use electricity?
Certainly. Although, you must have an electrical outlet within your square.
There are many outlets in the gallery but they are all close to the floor.

Is there a prize?
Yes, there is a $100 prize for best use of space.

How is the winner decided?
A jury decides the winner of the $100 cash prize for best use of space. Jurors often include board members and DCAC supporters. Participants in 1460 Wall Mountables are excluded from the jury.

Do I have to bring my own hammer and nails / materials for hanging my art?

Do I have to hang the art myself?
Yes. DCAC will help with suggestions but no more. If any work falls of the wall, it is the artists’ responsibility.

Can my art protrude from the wall?
Yes, but all art, including protruding pedestals must fit within the 2” x 2” square.

Does my art have to be in a frame?

How many squares are there total?
About 350.

How long has DCAC been doing 1460 Wall Mountables?
Since 1990. This will be our 18 th annual 1460 Wall Mountables Exhibition.

Can I sell my art?
Yes. DCAC takes a 30% commission on all art sales.
Sold art stays in the exhibition until the show is over.
Art may be picked up by the buyers during de-installation.

If I buy art, when can I pick it up?
Art may be picked up September 3 - 7 between 2-7pm

When do I have to pick up my art?
Art MUST be picked up NO LATER THAN Sept. 7 th at 7pm or it will be thrown away. If you are unable to pick up your work during this time please make arrangements to have someone pick up your work, make sure whoever picks the work up has your receipt and contact DCAC to let us know that someone besides yourself will be picking up the work.

Can amateurs or children hang their art?
Anyone can hang art -- even children.

images from past Wall Mountables!!


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