Cuisine des Artistes 2012!
Thursday May 10, 2012 at Meridian House

$100 members/$120 non-members/$150 door

- Douglas Cooperman ( The Art Institute of Washington) + Kenny George
- Diana Davila-Boldin (Jackie's Restaurant)+ Victoria F. Gaitán
- Dean Gold (Dino) + Megan Mueller
- Carole Wagner Greenwood (Shelter) + Jayme McLellan
- Angel Gustavo Huapalla ( Rumba Café) + Bradley Chriss
- Kenneth Hughes (Open Kitchen)+ Ellyn Weiss
- David Shewmaker (Meridian Pint), Bev Eggleston ( EcoFriendly Foods) + Cynthia Connolly
- Scott Bennett (Amsterdam Falafelshop) + G. Byron Peck
- Tom Brown (The Passenger) + Richard Vosseller

Sam Scharf
Megan Blafas
Chanan Delivuk
Cory Oberndorfer
Ellen Hill
Ellington Robinson
Rebecca Kallem
Jenny Walton
Jessica van Brakle
Kimqueen Zu
Lisa Rosenstein
Pam Rogers
Sondra Arkin
Stefanie Fedor
Chandi Kelley
Frank Adams

Judy Bryon

Chajana Denharder
Liz Georges
Victoria Greising
Eve Hennessa
Ellen Hill
Chandi Kelley
Isabel Manalo
Michael Matason
Rick Reinhard

Drink Well, Alan Lamb, Honest Tea, Washington Gas, Pepco
This year’s honoree is Bill Warrell, artist, founder of District Curators and creator of the famed DC Space.

It’s here, the artistic culinary event you’ve been waiting for! Showcasing the talents of local area chefs and artists, Cuisine des Artistes is a dinner happening. In this rare union, gastronomical, visual, theatrical and literary artists join forces to create a feast for the senses featuring the most delicious edible art. With entertainment by performing artists, design by visual artists, and food created by culinary artists, Cuisine des Artistes is more than an event, it’s a phenomenon.

Don’t be late, as you won’t want to miss a single minute of the cocktail hour featuring artist-produced appetizers, presented by the artists themselves in the serene garden of the fantastic Meridian House. A delectable main course of artist-chef team creations unfolds in the main ballroom and as you savor the delicacies you’ll be introduced to Bill Warrell, the third honoree to receive the Herb White Award. The short ceremony will be followed by artistic desserts and coffee. Featuring eclectic entertainment including poetry, musical and performing artists, Cuisine des Artistes is always highlight of the season and a terrific way to usher in the spring. Visit the event page on Facebook

For over 20 years the District of Columbia Arts Center has been dedicated to supporting emerging and underserved artists.  Today, the arts center is one of the only grassroots, artist run,  non-profit organizations available to artists looking to break into the mainstream The 800 square foot gallery and 50 seat theatre in the heart of Adams Morgan provides a professional venue for visual and performing artists, poets, musicians, dancers, and more. And as artists have come to depend on DCAC as a hub of artistic activity, the community has come to associate DCAC with outstanding and original artistic expression