25 HOURS for 25 YEARS of DCAC
JULY 18, 2014

25 hours: the exhibition  

In homage to The First 24 Hours, the all-night performance and art opening event for DCAC in 1989, DCAC again createed a festival of creativity and endurance with 25 Hours for 25 Years.

On Friday, July 18th, 2014 at 7:00 DCAC opened it's gallery for 25 consecutive hours to artists in celebration of all artists of all types in our community. Any artist was able to hang any artwork anywhere in the gallery and that work could hang as long as the artist stays at DCAC. If the artist goes, the work must go also. Works could be for sale and the artists could replace work that sells and is taken down at the event.

25 consecutive hours of an un-curated art happening tested the endurance limits of artists and patrons alike. To make sure the energy didn't flag, attendees could alternate time in the gallery with time in the theater, which was also brimming with activity.

25 hours: the archive & performance

25 consecutive hours of performance to celebrate 25 years of DCAC. An endurance event of performances as varied as DCAC’s past, simultaneously reflecting on that history and pushing forward into new territory. Over the preceding months and at the event itself, memories were collected and shared online to touch on the organization’s wide impact locally and far beyond. This accumulation of recollections formed a new archive, a materialization of personal stories, a growing portrait of DCAC.

Artists from DCAC’s past performed along with current artists and new artists, mixing up lineage and forging new connections. Readings and re-performances from the archive were also interspersed throughout the 25 hours.

The first of the 25 hours were high-energy, rapidly changing, and erratically diverse. As the night continued the pace slowed and performances became more quiet. There were collaborative works through the late night and early morning. With the sunrise, a new day, nourishment, endless possibilities. Several longer pieces passed through noon and into the afternoon. The final hours picked up the energy of the night before, with a succession of quick, challenging, ecstatic performances. Ending, right in time, for DCAC’s anniversary party.

The DCAC 25 th Anniversary Party  

As the 25 Hours for 25 Years came to a close at 8:00 pm on Saturday, July 19, DCAC moved into full celebration mode with an open house party. DJ’s, videos, and libation filled the space and opened it's arms to the public. Artists from the previous day-long event were on hand and all art left hanging in the gallery could stay up through the party. This was a not to be missed night of reminiscing and scheming for the next 25 years!


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