1460 Wallmountables

July 21 - September 10

Opening Reception: Friday, July 21, 7-9 pm

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One of our most popular and inclusive exhibitions is also one of our oldest traditions. Since 1989 1460 Wallmountables has offered the opportunity for artists of all disciplines and abilities to show in this open hanging. We divide our wall space into 2 foot by 2 foot squares with strings, which creates a floor to ceiling grid on which artists hang their work. The work must fit into the space, and while artists can acquire more than one space, the work may not overlap the squares. The result is a most remarkable salon-style show that despite its diversity has a distinct rhythm. On the last day of hanging the strings come down, we clean up the gallery and have one of the most populated openings in town.

Each summer over 100 artists from across the city participate in 1460 Wallmountables, presenting over 300 artworks on practically every inch of our gallery. We receive calls and emails about the exhibit all through the year and there are many people who will be working on 2 foot by 2 foot canvases just to fit in the show. On the opening day of hanging it is not unusual to have as many as 40 artists standing in line waiting to get registered and select the best spaces. There will be work by children, the elderly, professionals, amateurs, and students alike. It is by far one of the most diverse exhibitions in Washington and it stays up all summer long, allowing these artists to bring their friends and families by a professional gallery to see their work and see whether it has sold.

Artists can purchase up to five 2' x 2' spaces to hang their art work. Spaces sell on a first-come, first-served basis for $15 per square, with DCAC members receiving one free space and brand new members receiving four spaces for their membership fee of $30. Returning participants often line up outside DCAC’s door and patiently wait for installation to begin with an eye towards grabbing the gallery’s prime wall space. There is no calling ahead to reserve a spot. Work is accepted from a wide range of media created by artists at various stages in their careers. There is no curating; if it fits, it shows.

Each year five judges roam the opening night with an eye towards finding the artists who made the most innovative use of the limited space. The winner receives a $100 “Best Use of Space” prize which is presented during the opening reception.


Hours: Wednesdays - Sundays 2-7 pm
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