District of Columbia Arts Center Gallery Information

The DCAC gallery is an alternative art space founded in 1989 to support the work of local and emerging artists. DCAC is committed to providing a forum for artistic expression and communication by:

 * promoting emerging and under-recognized artists and inspiring fresh approaches to artistic development by allowing established artists to use the DCAC gallery as a project space for ideas that cannot be executed in a commercial art gallery

* assisting artists in the business of production, self promotion, and establishing connections with other members of the art community

* providing a venue for national and international artist collectives to show their work in DC and then for DC artists to have exchange shows in those spaces around the country and around the world

* supporting and developing new curators with the Curatorial Initiative. The focus of this program is to bring together established curators with apprentices who have a strong interest in becoming curators. The Visual Arts Committee selects established curators who mentor apprentice curators while they create their show. The apprentice then has the opportunity to curate his or her own exhibit at DCAC

*organizing Sunday Forums. Panel discussions, art talks, and slide shows encourage dialogue and feedback on local artwork, the local art community and the greater art world

DCAC does not discriminate according to race, age, religion, gender or sexual orientation

Gallery Hours are Wednesdays-Sundays: 2-7pm

Traveling with Gulliver, KIOSK, 2005

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